Get Involved: Become a BEE MNDFL Community Views Contributor

Get Involved: Become a BEE MNDFL Community Views Contributor

We like to think of this BEE MNDFL mission like a gift basket...a global network coming together to share tips, tools, trials and testimonies - gifts for the mind, body and soul -  that some people are going to dive into and want to explore and use immediately while others will simply pass everything on to someone who might find more benefit or joy in said gifts.

This is a space, a community, a movement where each of you can grab AND share strategies to construct a life experience that feels good for us individually and collectively.

And with that, we’d like to personally extend an invitation to those who would like to support the growth and strength of the BEE MNDFL Movement. Below is just one way, but our team will keep you posted on other ideas we’re working on to ensure you  get involved! We look forward to having you join our efforts!

Interested in submitting an article or becoming a regular contributor to the BEE MNDFL "Community Views" blog?

Check out the guidelines and, if you think you’re a good fit, fill out the "Community Views Contributor" Application (and certainly feel free to spread the word to others who may also find interest also). Click here for all the details! 

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